Meet the Team


Shaun Goddard.jpg

Shaun Goddard

Shaun is the owner and founder, he can normally be found doing 'on-offs'


Nicky Mackenzie

Nicky is the company PA, and manages the day to day admin of the business.

Claims Through axle is the future

Nathan Newman.jpg

Nathan Newman

Nathan is our skilled mechanic, excellent is every aspect of his job except getting things off the top shelf


Zach Lamb

Zach is our Adhoc graphic designer and responsible for the design of all our clothing.

He can normally be found riding the wrong class at competitions.


Richard Smith

Richard is our front end developer for the application FXN he works hard to make things pretty, this sometimes includes himself


Chloe Nazaruk

Chloe is the backend developer for the App, she is responsible for making the app work.

Likes riding horses more than bikes...


Elliot Harper

Elliot (left) is a full stack developer and the first developer on the project, he single handily created the original app.

Cody Staff.jpg


Cody is the 'Woof and Pats' Manager, and all round good boy.

He can normally be found checking up on staff and demanding attention.

He's still not 100% keen on 'Elliot'