This versatile resistance band is useful for dynamic workouts without weights. Our most popular band both for pull up training, and for adding resistances to bench press, squats and Olympic lifts. Our resistance bands are very durable and made from pure 100% natural latex rubber. This will provide you with years of service. With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation hence promoting muscle growth. Build explosive strength by using them in conjunction with barbells, dumbbells, and machines to provide progressive resistance during traditional exercises (squats, bench press, etc.) Easy to store and easier to get higher volume workouts! PULL-UPS / CROSSFIT / YOGA - The perfect tool to help you with your assisted pull ups, dips or muscle-ups. The versatile nature of our bands make them ideal for all fitness regimes from CrossFit and powerlifting, to Yoga and Pilates.

PSYCHI Resistance Band- Purple

  • 1x Purple resistance band - Heavy Resistance :35 to 85 lbs; Size: 208CM*3.2CM; Thickness: 4.5mm. Assisted pull ups for light men or strong woman. Higher resistance for upper body movements.