Psychi's Large Wooden Boar Hair Brush is an extremely popular product with our followers. It has a strong wooden handle, and is more longer lasting than the conventional plastic brush. The larger boar hair bristles are durable and can clean grime and chalk holds easily. Perfect for use on larger holds due to the enhanced bristle coverage. Use the brush to clean chalk off climbing holds to allow a better grip for you, when tackling tricky problems. The product can be used on your local wall or out on the crag.

PSYCHI Large Wooden Boar Hair Brush

  • - Large Wooden Boar Hair Bouldering Brush.

    - Larger, strong wooden handle, longer lasting than plastic handles.

    - Larger naturally durable Boar Hair bristles clean grime and chalk off holds with ease.

    - Enhanced bristle coverage.

    - Ideal for cleaning chalk, grease and rubber off climbing holds for a better grip.

    - Can be used at an indoor wall or at the crag.