- Replacement pedal cages for COMAS mono-cage pedals ideal for replacing damaged or broken cages without the need to take out the pedal.
- The external teeth of the cage have a lower profile than the rest preventing them from being caught in the obstacles.
- Wide contact area to help keep feet properly placed on the pedals.
- Each cage incorporates 6 rectangular windows that help reduce its final weight.
- Incorporates COMAS graphics throughout the cage giving a remarkable looking.
- Supplied in packs of 2 units.
- Aluminum 7075-T6
- Length: 98mm
- External width: 84mm
- Inside width: 78mm
- Height: 26.5mm
- Thickness: 3mm
- Distance between screws: 67 mm
- 61g (2units)
- Available in anodized black with COMAS laser engraved logos.
- Can be used with mono-cage pedals Hashtagg, Clean, Try-All, Rockman, Jitsie and all those that have the indicated sizes.
- They can also be used with the double-cage pedals Because, as an outer cage.

COMAS Pedals Cage Mono Aluminium