An intuitive, high quality and useful multi-tool from KMC. It combines a set of strong and durable tyre levers with an easy to use chain link remover. The tool has been perfectly designed to be able to perform both tasks with ease so neither job will suffer due to it being a multi-tool. The central pin of the missing link remover can also be used to put pressure on the valve to deflate the tyre when being changed over.


  • Strong Tyre Levers with a perfect shape.
  • Doubles up as Chain Link remover tool.
  • The tools have been designed to be stackable to save space when out riding.
  • Made of high quality Swiss composite polymers.
  • Ergonomic design to make using them as comfortable and easy as possible.
  • Can combine with the KMC mini chain tool.

KMC Missing Link Tyre Levers