- Exclusive COMAS M15 Ultra-light bolt for assembling crankset / bottom bracket.
- On-piece CNC manufactured in aluminum alloy 7075-T6.
- Unique and elegant design with low profile conical head and star shape
- Length of 18mm and thread M15 compatible with the mots of bottom bracket type ISIS.
- Hollowed body to allow the 8mm Allen key to be inserted as much as possible, avoiding damaging the head notches.
- 2 screws are supplied with 6061-T6 aluminum washers
- Note: Due to its aluminum construction, the screws must not be used to install the crankset. It is advisable to previously use steel bolts to assembly the crankset .
-Aluminum 7075-T6
- Thread: M15x1.00
- Length 18mm
- 8mm Allen head
- Outside diameter: Ø20mm
- Available in Black or Red anodized with COMAS logos laser engraved.
- 12 g (washers included)

COMAS Crank Bolt Set