Freewheel 108 18T 108 Threaded freewheel Constructed from high quality Cr-Mo, machined from a custom mold, offering a strenght and stiffness unbeatable



9 treaated pawls, working in 3 groups of 3 pawls. Each group give 36 clicks, reaching 108clicks in total.

3 pawls works in the same time to offer the best performance.

Redesigned springs improve strenght and also sounds really great.

Standard remove system.

High quality thread, 1.37"x24tpi, suitable with all the cranks in the market.

This freewheel doesn't need a ring/spacer between crank and freewheel, because is already included in the freewheel in case you are not running a bashring.

Hard black anodized with 4 etched laser logos.

2.2mm theeth thickness.

Total thickness: 18.90mm

Available only in 18T

Weight: 175g

CLEAN 108.9 18T Freewheel