- High quality Galfer Wave brake disc manufactured especially for trial.
- It incorporates a reticular structure symmetrical in all directions and laser cutting.
- It optimally supports axial and radial forces during braking.
- It incorporates a central nerve in the braking area that helps to improve the feeling.
- Suitable for both front and rear postion.
- Standard 6-bolt fixing system (ISO standard).
- Stainless steel with high carbon content and anti-corrosion treatment.
- Diameter: 160mm
- Thickness: 1.8mm
- Braking surface: 19mm
- Silver
- Laser-engraved logos.
- 98,5gr
Additional information
Galfer recommends that the brake disc be pre-run, rolling gently for a few hours before starting to practice.
Thus, when performing a series of braking operations, the disc and pad material should be gradually heated up
to a temperature that allows the transfer of material from the pad to the disc friction surface, optimizing braking.

Brake Disc GALFER