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About us

FXN’s goal is to make urban sports accessible to everyone. Expanding the awareness and giving people of all ages and backgrounds the option to try these exciting and less well-known sports. 

The founding members themselves are keen urban sports enthusiasts from 2 different ends of the spectrum, and both wished they had known more about the sports, that their lives now revolve around, from much earlier on. 

Although the sports are very appealing, it is the sense of community within each sport that guides people and helps them to connect around a common cause. The problem here was that current connecting platforms require you to already be a member, or know people within the pages to get acceptance into these ‘Elite’ clubs, meaning some people can feel ostracised and outside of the community before they’ve even begun. 

Thus, FXN was created. 

FXN gives everyone from novices to professionals the opportunity to connect and be as much a part of the sport as anyone, by utilising a social media platform, events management and , open news feeds.  But the app goes far deeper into the communities and allows people to reach otherwise unknown demographics and engage with them to either attend events, share ideas, and learn from one another. 

FXN want to give all participants the opportunities to succeed in reaching their goals within a chosen sport, whether it is to be the best or to just have fun. FXN allows the users to learn about the best places to go by having feedback from other users, understand the best equipment to use and where to get it and the users are able to liaise with the community of like-minded people within the app. 

To achieve all of this, it is not a cheap road. Whilst the founders have invested large amounts of time and resources to get this off the ground, they are also selling products related to these sports to help fund this exciting venture. This will go to help fund the ongoing development of the FXN App and website but will also be used to host events and open gyms/parks/areas for these sports to take place. 

The driving force is to see a sustainable community within urban sports that is thriving and sharing ideas an experience because it is that sense of commonality that brings us together.

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